Wednesday, April 9, 2014

We Like Timely Goodbyes

My blog 'WeLikeSL' is going on indefinite hiatus.  So its Goodnight.  It was a fun ride writing for you but most of you won't get this message any more due to the changes in how Facebook throttles posts on user-created pages to its page members.  Where we used to log between 30-40 views per article, I'm lucky for it now to register even 2 views.  My time is worth more than such limited exposure and zero interactivity.  So we bid you a fond farewell and maybe when there are other viable social media outlets for the type of things I liked to post, we'll find a way to meet again.

~WeLikeSL Resident / aka Avacar Bluestar

Monday, April 7, 2014

We Hate Monday Mornings...

Am not liking Mondays.  And other realizations.  I've been doing this blog for almost 7 months now and except for five or six instances of comment or feedback to let me know my work so far has been meaningful & worthwhile. I guess its egotistical to dream of something more interactive with our readers.  But since I use the character of a dedicated-alt to write from his viewpoint, the lack of personal feedback hasn't mattered that much to me yet.

I've also learned that Facebook has been throttling the links to articles we post to the point where only less than you can count on one hand are seeing us pop up on the page members' walls.  Only if a member directly clicks on the page would they see all posts.  UNLESS of course I start a campaign and pay facebook for aggressive wall presence.  That's something I'm not willing to do when all else is volunteer.  You don't see any advertisements on this blog, either.

I guess I'm going thru what most bloggers do at this point of the game.  I think our metrics are fine. I'm not looking for great numbers or attempting to meet any readership number goals. But today had me wondering if any of this matters.  Tell me what you think.  If nobody does, heck.  Just another domain name I'll find myself not renewing.

~WeLikeSL Resident

Saturday, April 5, 2014

We Like Breakdancing Loop Freebies

Abranimations is giving us a couple free breakdancing animations in both the Freestyle and Top Rocking styles.


~WeLikeSL Resident

Thursday, April 3, 2014

We Like... Mid-Season Spooks

Today I visited a place called Sinatra's Spook House.  Its a year round haunted house area.  I guess for times when you want that Halloween experience without all the costume parties going on at the same time.  It was the first destination in my viewer's guide today.


The haunted house costs $10L to ride through and you get this free T-shirt to tell your friends you survived the experience.

~WeLikeSL Resident

Friday, March 28, 2014

We Like... Keys to Mercedes C-Class for FREE

I came across this group gift this morning - and the SLURL Landed me right at it. ALSO right there is a big group joiner. SO Join the group, then click box on top of Mercedes for your own copy. By Akeyo, presented at Mimi's Choice. ALL FREE - no cost to you.

SLURL:  secondlife://DEEP%2520HOUSE%2520ISLAND/53/130/21

!WeLikeSL Resident

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

We Like... Positive Role Models for Second Life

I read this notice posted on the official blog of Second Life.  For something to make it to the list there, it has to be legitimate right?

From the post, quoted entirely here...

Production Company Seeking UK Residents for TV Documentary

by Community Manager  on ‎03-19-2014 10:33 AM
We were recently contacted by Back2back Productions, a production company in the UK, about a documentary series they’re working on, one episode of which will feature stories of couples that first met online.
For the episode, they are currently looking to speak with UK-based Second Life users “who have solid relationships/marriages as a result of meeting in these online communities, but also couples who are together online but not yet in real life.”
They describe the planned piece as “an entirely positive exploration of these relationships and plans to overturn people’s misconceptions through honest storytelling – it’s very much about ‘love conquering all.’”  
They’re seeking couples of all kinds, but at least one person in the couple should be UK-based.
If this sounds interesting to you and you have a story to share, you can reach the production company directly at All initial conversations will be strictly confidential.

~WeLikeSL Resident