Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Misty Acres - Tindallia Soothsayer's Island

This place is very family friendly.  A sign at entrance says all ages are safe here.  On my visit, I can easily appreciate the huge amount of time and effort that went into its creation.  Its a theme park for recreation.  It's halloweenie now for the season. Turn on your stream for all that 'Monster-Mashy' music we loved as a kid. I heard the Time Warp even.

Four pics from the Mine Train ride

Because Arcade!

Inside the Holodeck

Bobbing for Apples - I got a granny smith.

I can't figure out how this ride works!

'WeLikeSL' always encourages you to leave some Linden Love behind.
AND an animated treat - hop on the dancer pose balls and you're the star :)

~WeLikeSL Resident

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