Wednesday, November 27, 2013

We Like giving Linden Labs credit when due

Note. A little sarcasm follows. I know its Thanksgiving season, but you have to see the humor.  Speaking of the season, WeLikeSL would like to express our heartfelt thanks to all of you for enjoying the WeLikeSL community and hope you will share us to all of your friends.  AND maybe look us up on Facebook and 'welike' our page.

There is a spot on DORE sim that is a time capsule for 'way back when' when Linden Lab designed this as a Orientation Station.  They took the word Orient from Orientation and designed this as an Oriental palace area.  See what they did right there?

WELL. As soon as it was finished, it apparently was NEVER updated. It is still as it was in 2003.  You land here and literally go into a little of a time warp yourself.


The blog clicker at landing does still pull up the blog page on Second Life's website.  You see a couple free avatars circa 2003 in the "Changing your appearance" station. Scary I know.

I also wonder why there are swords on the wall.  Apparently not freebies but just room decoration.

I opened the 'edit-check' of the Apparel giver' for men, and was immediately struck at the two misspellings you see here.  Wow. In ten years, nobody had time to correct that?  Also the contents say "Male Shape and Outfit 3".  Do you see a shape in there?

In the chat instruction room, the Parrot senses your proximity and starts to chat in local chat:

[04:43] Chat Parrot whispers: Hello, WeLikeSL Resident.
[04:43] Chat Parrot: I mostly repeat everything you say.
[04:43] Chat Parrot: But if you ask nicely, I'll give you some money.
[04:43] Chat Parrot: Just say 'please give me a kiss'.

I was VERY nice to this talking animal, even going so far as trying to rez a bed, but it Never gave me any money.  So I left it behind.  Sorry Polly, all I wanted was a Linden.  Can you see how this could confuse a new user?

There is nothing scripted or path to follow, really.  You just wander from station to station.  I wound up in this art gallery space with oriental art on the wall and stairways that took you up to the next level.  Found one stairway here where the first step is so far separated, it stops newbies from crawling up them.

I did finally make it to the stop but the ceiling is so low your camera gets stuck in the room prims instead of seeing where you are going.

Other stations are empty, no furnishings, just buildings - one had a stairway behind a clickable wall - but the wall doesn't open when you click it.  I perv-cammed to the room above and it was just and empty box of a room. No reason to want to ascend to it.  Oh, there are two buildings just like this.

I found a very small open-rez square.  That is because I happen to have my parcel borders visible (not a default viewer settings.  There is nothing here saying it is an open rez area. I imagine if I was a newbie with a viewer in default settings, who would know this spot exists?

I stopped next at the 'Getting a closer look' station.  Its idea is to get you to look on the backside of the eye chart in front of you.  You click the back side of the chart to get a prize.  Apparently the prize is the equivalent of GTFO... it just says in local chat:

[04:56] Eye Chart whispers: You got it...congratulations!
[04:56] Eye Chart whispers: To return your camera to normal view, hit esc or just start walking.

No prize delivery at all.

All in all, a little bit of depressing trip, thinking that if this was all that newcomers saw of Second Life to learn their way around, compared to the little bit of training one can get in-world today, it shows how far things have come.  Why this place remains is a mystery.

Have a great day everyone.  Still scratching my head.

~WeLikeSL Resident

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